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What differentiates logbook loans from loans offered by high street banks?

King Loans is a brand in the industry in so far as logbook loans are concerned. We continue to lead by example and have been at the forefront of helping scores of UK persons with a poor credit rating get approved for a logbook loan. We simply have no issue with your past financial history and endeavor to approve you for logbook loans at competitive rates. We understand that your poor credit score is not always a proof of financial mismanagement. At times it’s because of incapacitation, job loss or some other reason.

We therefore invite you to approach us today and let us work out a logbook loan deal that best suits your interests. At King Loans, we have been around for a while and have been able to build a pool of satisfied clientele who keep coming to us every time they need an urgent loan. Our logbook loans are priced competitively and our affinity to excellent service delivery is the reason we are top in so far as logbook loans are concerned. We don’t care how many times you’ve been rejected or how bad your credit score might be, approach us today and let us work something out.

Feeling as if you know very little about money? If yes, feel free to talk to our highly and thoroughly trained customer personnel and they will give you above board money advice. Your success is our success and therefore we strive to ensure that you are a happy customer.